Monday, May 18, 2015

20% Time In General To Sum it Up

    I think that throughout this project I have learned a lot. I have learned to not give up if you do not succeed the first time. I learned this with the caps when the vinyl came off because I tried the blue dye later in the project it did not stay on but it also made me think to use the stencil that I made for the dye to use the sharpie also. The dye and the sharpies did not stay on but it was a good way to keep making improvements in the project. It also made me think of thinking of more things  that I could customize like the fins and tattoos.

      I think that this project is a very cool thing and it could make the Harmony team look very cool. I think that this project is a glimpse into the future because I think that my team is very smart in making us stand out. I think that schools will not be all projects that need to be turned in but more off of the kids preferences and have them do what they want to do because this is what they will do when they grow up.

     I think that I have had sine good parts of the project and some bad things happen. The main bad parts are the caps not working but I think that this bad thing turned into a good thing because it made my project keep going. A good thing was that the fins stayed on the first time and boosted my self esteem. There weren't many other bad things besides the caps other than being stressed out and not know what to do next.

TED Talk Video

This is my TED Talk if you guys would like to watch it. This was in our school's auditorium on Friday and kids from other classes could come down to watch them and the other kids on Harmony were down there watching. This was our audience.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Ted Talks This Week

This week on Friday for the last big project of 20% time we are doing this thing called Ted Talks. Ted talks are this big presentations that you do without note cards and inform people about what you want to get across and for us that is every kids on our teams 20% time project. I am not to scared for it but I am just more scared that I will stumble on my words and might keep saying like. To avoid doing this I will for sure practice this for sure.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

How a Test Worked Out

I tested the caps with a manikin head with the blue dye that my mom bought at Art Mart. To do this we made a a stencil out of the material that my mom had to make stencils. We placed the cap on the manikin so the cap was stretched out the way it would be on a regular swimmer's head. The next step was to put the dye on we painted it on with a thin brush. It was bubbling up and looking like it wasn't going to stay on but eventually it stayed on but not too well. After it sat for a while it didn't look the same and came off.
We figured since we were already experimenting we should do another little test so we got a paint pen and put the stencil cut out on the cap and this is how it turned out...
To see if it would officially stay on I put a wet paper towel on it and this is what it then looked like:(

Monday, April 27, 2015

Yet Another Test!

Since we have decided on what our projects were going to be I have always had an idea in the back of my head. That idea was to make a temporary tattoo for each swimmers heats and lanes. This came into my mind because writing your heats and lanes on your arm with a sharpie can be a big pain. This is because the next three-five days this sharpie will then stay on your arm, therefor everyone will know what you swam at your meet. This past Friday brought that idea up. The next thing I knew we were in the basement trying to print the tattoos out the way they needed to be cut. After about I would say 2 and a half hours of trying to get it to cut right they were finished. We rushed upstairs got the back wet and applied it to my arm. After 30 seconds of waiting it slid right off. To this day I still have no idea why it did this. This failure did not stop us from trying again though. On Saturday I had a meet so since the tattoo didn't work on Friday I couldn't have it on my arm on Saturday. After I swam my mom and I went to Jo Ann's and bought more tattoo paper. We tried a new cutting method and this time the next morning I applied it to my arm and it stayed, Until warm ups that is. When I was swimming warm ups it slid off at one point. i don't know when which I guess is good but it is sad that it didn't work.
Here are some pictures:
This is what the tattoo looked like before warm ups.(before it came off)
This is the unfortunate picture of how it looked like after warm ups and after I peeled some of the sticky parts off.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Art Mart!

My mom found out yesterday that she works with the owner of Art Mart. She then thought maybe, just maybe they could have some advice for my 20% time project. So she went after she was done working and they told us to use dye instead of vinyl that it would probably stay on much better! She bought the dye and this is what it looks like:

Tonight if I have time I will try to learn how this would work. If it seems easy to learn I will try it maybe tomorrow and then I will make another blog to give you more details.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I've Been Working On the Website!

To continue on my goals from my power point that I made from my checkpoint I have been using most of my time working on making a website. I am using WIX it is very cool and from what I found so far completely free! Sometimes it takes some time to figure out how to work some of the parts that is the only really problem I have run into so far. I think after maybe 1-2 days of figuring out it some more it could be almost ready to put it on the internet for real!!!